More Halloween 2005 - Thank you!

I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles with the Hurricane... I did get our order in time though so thank you for the hard work! I have attached a picture of our costumes... there were 6 of us...we werecare bears... and we bought your fishnet thigh-highs. Enjoy

Carlsbad, CA

Here are photos of my son, Atticus, age 4, in his poison dart frog costume. The costume was made complete by the emerald colored leotard and tights - and he was thrilled to have two costumes in one ("look mom, I am Peter Pan when I take my frog body off!"). Thanks so much for your extra dedication in anticipation of Hurricane Wilma. We were one of the customers whose order was made over the weekend and shipped out Sunday evening. We were absolutely thrilled to receive it Saturday afternoon, two days before Halloween. Thanks, Jane

Thanks so much for the tights!!! They completely made my strawberry shortcake outfit!! We were too late in getting the purple ones we needed for the Peculiar Purple Pie Man in the photo with me...poor guy had to wear tights too small for him. Next year we will plan earlier!! Thanks!

Holli W., Ann Arbor MI

Dear We Love Colors,

Thought you'd like to see me in your "Neon Yellow Opaque Tights" They certainly added to my costume this year.Here is the submission for your "Blog" I'll also send you some shots of me at the work party this year. Thank you "We Love Colors" for making my costume a success! Sorry to hear about your problems with the hurricane. Hope everything is ok now! My tights arrived withoutany problems. Thanks again!

Sponge Bob Square Pants Mike - Herndon VA.

Email us your Halloween photos and comments.

Thank you, We Love Colors

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