Oct 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!! Halloween Costumes 2006

nacho libre costume

I found the tights to be very comfortable and perfect for my halloween costume. At first I was worried that it may be real tight and hot, but to my surprise the tights breathed easily and I wasnt sweating at all.

Thanks, my costume was quite popular at the party I went to.

Chris (Nacho Libre)
La Puente, CA

ommpa loompas

Thanks to your tights, we were the best costume of the night in Boston. We couldn’t find anything like them ANYWHERE, luckily they showed up with a few days to spare before our night of many parties. Thanks again, now I just wish we have more excuses to wear the costume again!

Jessica, Lisa and Alison (Oompa Loompas)

Boston, MA

Here is my costume, The tights made it Thanks so much.. Monica
(Clearwater Fl.)..Raggedy Ho and Pimp Andy

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Thank you, We Love Colors

colored leggins

Oct 27, 2006

Amy's Halloween Costume

halloweeen costume
halloween costume
amy's costume

I had a great experience ordering from your company. My tights arrived within 10 days, allowing me to have them for my first of 3 Halloween parties of the year.

I’ve never entered a picture like this… but I had so much fun being this silly alter-ego that I had to share.
Thank you for the great service!

Amy G. Chapel Hill, NC

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Thank you, We Love Colors

colorful leggings

Oct 22, 2006

Performing Tights

Hi! CRAIG... I spoke to you last week and ordered lots of tights... here is the use of the yellow ones, on one of the 3 geese for this piece I am choreographing! Thanks a lot, Samara

Craig, This one is me! The dress is cut up the sides and I do a lot of leg moves.... Samara, Lewisburg, WV

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Thank you, We Love Colors

colorful leggings