Zebra Love From Sydney, Australia

Here's one from a zebra-friend in Sydney!

"Dear welovecolours
I just have to tell you guys that you officially saved my school formal, if it wasn't for you i don't know what i would have done! It was a costume party, and i was desperate to go as a zebra because of some strange urge to have a striped mohawk, but i could not find zebra tights anywhere! I'm not kidding, there are no zebra striped tights anywhere in Aus, i was seriously considering just painting them on my legs But your website saved me! and i could ship them over to Sydney so easily, it was like absolutely fate or something So i attached a pic of me in my costume (i swear im not really that much of a poser in real life) thanks so much, they are so awesome i wear them all the time now Lots and Lots of Zebra Love From Lizzie Sydney, Australia"

Thanks Lizzie, the zebra costume is HOT! ;)

Send Us your photos.
Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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