WLC Halloween Costume Contestant

Costume: Hippie Chick
We Love Colors Product: #7001 Splash Color Unitard

My students thought I was the coolest hippie they ever saw… although some of
them are so young they didn’t even know what a hippie was! *laughing* I was
inspired to be a hippie for Halloween, as I hang a brass sign with the cursive
lettering: “peace”, from the inside ceiling of the bus where all the students
see it when boarding, and exiting, every day. It is a bit of a talisman, and
always gets some interested inquiries each September from those wanting to know its significance. I tell them, “Peace is a global wish, and this bus is no
exception. I want peace here, too.”
Wish me luck!

Send Us your photos.
Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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