WLC Halloween Costume Contestant

Costume: Smurfette
We Love Colors Product: Solid Color Tights and Solid Color Thigh Highs in Medium Blue

Products Used: "Solid Color Tights" in Medium Blue for my legs. Also, I took
"Solid Color Thigh Highs" in Medium Blue and unpicked the sewing on the toes so
I could wear them on my arms.
I was so excited to make this costume this
year! About a month before halloween I started looking for blue tights in every
store and mall that would work to make me look like I had blue skin, because I
knew if I couldn't get those, the rest of the smurfette costume wasn't worth
making. I was going to give up on my search, but decided to look on the internet
for colored tights. I was led immediately to your website and found the perfect
"Medium Blue" tights that were the color I wanted!!! I was super excited! I also
realized I could order your thigh high tights and unsew most of the toe part,
just leaving one part in tact to be inbetween my fingers and thumbs. It worked
like a charm and saved me a from having to use messy face paint all down my
arms! I sewed the dress and smurf hat myself after I received the tights and
ended up with this amazing smurfette costume! I've NEVER gotten so much
attention from a costume as I did this year, even winning a costume contest with
it--hands down! It's definitely a crowd pleaser! Thanks for making it
possible...because a smurf costume just doesn't work without blue legs and arms!
Heather D

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Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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