Re-Think, Re-Use

Kids can be creative too....

The ReThink and ReUse Center is a nonprofit organization and a reusable resource center with educational purposes to optimize a child’s learning potential through exploratory play. The “Play is Learning” workshop provides the opportunity to use materials with no pre-set purpose and experience creative skills developed in childhood to early childhood educators.

Materials used for the ReThink and ReUse Center come from local businesses and manufacturers who generate an abundance of solid waste products: overruns, discontinued items, rejects, etc. --This is where We Love Colors stepped in! By donating some damaged items, we are contribututing to the efforts of promoting community-wide ecological responsibility and meaningful learning experiences for young children using environmentally friendly and innovative solutions!

The girls (shown below) used their creative juices to come up with some really funky, colorful dance ensembles using some WeLoveColors leftovers at Camp Honey Shine (an Alonso Mourning Charity). They all came up with great ideas on different ways to wear the items!

So adorable!! Thanks ReThink and ReUse Center for those fantastic pictures!

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Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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