Tights Tuesday!

Our friends on the West coast know just how to make a statement! On a night out, these ladies all wore their WeLoveColors Splash Tights in different colors and brought some color into the city of Seattle, Washington!

Hello, my name is Mary and I have been a huge fan since I saw your Splash
Tights on Ashish's runway a few years back. No one here in Seattle had them
until I started buying them for my friend's birthdays. A bunch of us got
together for a night we created called "Tights Tuesday" and had a blast. It
felt like a special occasion even though it was just a night out with the
ladies. I've worn your silver metallic tights (which unfortunately have a
run:-( and get so many comments on them. My husband and I wore some striped
thigh highs for Halloween and I just love how much fun they are to wear
anytime! The Splash Tights catch everyone's attention. Everyone wants to
know where to get them. Hopefully Seattle gets a splash of color instead of
it's boring grey!

You girls definitely spiced things up with those fun outfits and We Love!

Send Us your photos.
Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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