Rainbow Brite!

Our friends from Australia dressed up in Rainbow Brite costumes for a "Hens' Night" out on the town! These ladies added some We Love Colors flavor to their outfits with some of our eye-catching products such as: Long Sleeve Unitards, Microfiber Tights and Solid Color Knee Highs. Way to rock in those colorful costumes ladies! (:

Hello, my name is Nicole R and I am from Australia. Last year we purchased some of your products to help us with making costumes for my sisters hens night. We dressed up as Rainbow Brite and the Colour kids. We loved your products and we had so many people complement us on our costumes. I have attached some pictures so you can see for yourselves.
Thanks for having such a wide variety of colours, it helped us out so much!

Send Us your photos.
Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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