We Love Em!! Last of Halloween Pics 2006

Thanks for the colored tights , gloves and leotards it made the flower costume.

N. Robbins
Glencoe, IL

I work as an escrow officer. Here is the costume I wore to my office. I was “S Crow”. (Don’t worry, my husband didn’t laugh that much either at the pun.) The orange tights were a big key to getting the crow part of the theme.
C Burroughs
Burbank, CA

Here is a halloween photo - a zebra and a tiger.
Thanks for the great selection!
-Adalake B.
Chestnut Ridge, NY

Okay, here is what your pastel mint and scarlet tights turned into – our very own Nachito Libre. The invitation shows what we were shooting for as far as authenticity goes – true Nacho Libre.
Thanks for the great tights and service!

Kristine K.
Los Angeles, CA

I didn't realize I had picked such a popular costume
for my 10 month old daughter until I tried to find
matching tights (the tights intended to go with the
costume had apparently sold out weeks before). I
figured orange tights would be a breeze to find...boy
was I wrong. Luckily I stumbled onto your website and
ordered tights that were reasonably priced, true to to
color advertised and expeditiously shipped (we're
talking two days from FL to CA!!). What a godsend.
Another bonus? She started walking so the tights
looked even cuter with her wobbling around in them.
I'm looking forward to future years when she needs
tights for dance class, costumes, etc.; I'll certainly
know where to get them!
Thank you,

Cherise R.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Send Us your photos.
Thank you so much! We Love Colors

colored leggins

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