WeLove even MORE pics! Halloween2006

Thank you for the orange tights (which I could not find anywhere) to go with my daughter's Chick costume. She was adorable!!! Thanks again
Stacy M. Sheboygan, WI

Hello there, You all asked us to send you pictures of how we used your tights, so that's what we did. After seeing the movie "Nacho Libre", my wife insisted that I be Nacho for Halloween. There was no Nacho costume to be found, so we had to put it together piece by piece. No light blue tights to be found in El Paso, at least not for older guys! So, we are happy as ever that we found your web site! While on the site, my wife and daughter saw some stuff they liked and also ordered tights for themselves! All I had to do was sew on a couple of red patches and the outfit was complete. Thanks for being there when I needed you. Tim W El Paso, TX

Try to find a pair of red leggings in Miami!!!!
Great to find you online...and in Miami!
Mark S
Miami, FL

>Hopefully you
like the Fraggle costume. I did get to win a contest, which is great!
Thanks for your help and for saving my Halloween!

Jamie H

I was so worried I wouldn't find the right shade of blue for my Corpse Bride costume, but when I saw the selection on your website I sqealed with joy -- actually squealed! The tights I ordered were perfectly "Corpse Bride" blue, plus they were comfy and kept me warm. Thanks to you guys I was the prettiest dead girl ever
Casey N
Antelope, CA

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