Interview with Bez of Daily Bez

Meet Bez! We came across Bez's blog a few months ago and love her crazy outfits and adore her attitude. Read on to find out more about this awesome blog. 

We Love Colors: Before you started a blog, were you photographing or recording your outrageously awesome outfits in any way?
Bez: I was attempting to record them in my head, but my head was getting too full. So I went to the internet!

What gave you the inspiration to start a blog? 
I felt like office life wasn't letting me be as creative as I could, so I decided to focus on getting dressed in the morning. I came up with the blog idea on a day I REALLY didn't want to go to work. I thought, "If I don't go, then I won't get to wear this jammin outfit!" So I went to work.

How would you describe your style and/or blog mantra to someone who hasn't met you or seen Daily Bez?
Style: Kids Clothes For Adults.
Mantra: a fashion blog that incites laughter.

Do your coworkers give you feedback on your outfits? Do you have a particularly funny comment from a friend, family member, random person on the street about something you've worn? 
Best comment on the street: "where you goin' girl, the circus?"
Best comment from a co-worker: "you look like you should be serving milkshakes to cars on rollerskates in the 50s" 

Can readers really send you something to wear on Daily Bez? Tell us about this!
YES YES YES!!! So far only one person has, but it worked out quite well. it was this dress:

Who takes the pictures for Daily Bez?
If I have time during the day, I have two very dear friends at work that take it for me. If it's after work hours, either my sisters or my friend Jess will take it. As a last resort I take it myself on time delay, but those are never as fun.

Do you have a favorite gift from friends or family?
My brother in law made me a t-shirt with press-on letters that says "PANTS" because that is my favorite word. It is also my signature.

Do you read any other fashion blogs? 
I just started reading other blogs, but I don't really have much time! I get most of my ideas from seeing people on the street. Also the teenagers in my neighborhood (Spanish Harlem) are a big influence on my style.

Do you have a favorite outfit incorporating We Love Colors?
Oh my, where to begin! In the summer I love both the the knee-highs (splash and solid) and the solid color nylon socks. The rest of the year I wear tights with Dresses, shorts, skirts, you name it. This is my favorite outfit to date:

How did you hear about We Love Colors?
A friend emailed me one day and said, "um, if you go to this site you might end up buying everything on it. I'm sorry and you're welcome." She was totally right.

We'd like to thank this very smart friend:) And to Bez for granting us this interview! 


Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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