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Two in Technicolor is a team featuring two lovely bloggers and friends of We Love Colors...
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Every other week Kimberly and Collette will feature a fellow blogger they've recruited to get the scoop on We Love Colors tights. Kimberly and Collette are both fashionistas AND mothers so we're so excited to send them out into the blogosphere with their unique perspectives!


Sarah Peterson is the fabulous blogger behind Cloud of Secrets!

  Sarah has a fabulous sense of style, in addition to  being both a busy wife and mother. He readers love her unique writing style and absolutely breathtaking photographs! Sarah describes her blog as her "hidden place to be fascinated by fashion, shopping, baubles, luxury, color, and beauty"

Sarah was nice enough to take time out of her busy schedule to do a fantastic review of We Love Colors microfiber tights in maroon. Here's what Sarah had to say:

When you are getting ready for your day, does the idea of tights usually get you excited to get dressed?
I haven't thought about tights much over the past few years.  I've been wearing a lot of jeans while I raise little kids in a pretty casual city.  But I'm excited about the colors, soft texture, and opacity of We Love Colors tights, and I would like to try more easy day dresses and casual skirts with them.

If not, what could make tights a more central accessory in your wardrobe?

My own willingness to try new things -- I'd like to wear daytime dresses and skirts more often, now that my kids are a bit easier to manage.  Good tights will provide shapely leg coverage in cooler seasons.  They'll be useful 3/4 of the year in northern Wisconsin!

 We Love Colors has tights for women of all shapes and sizes: How important is fit when it comes to your clothing choices?
I pay attention to fit.  I find that billowing clothing, minimalist straight lines, and overly tight items aren't the best choices for my figure.  I'm always seeking shapes and sizes that fit and flatter, skimming gently.

Do you just throw on what you have, or are you meticulous about everything fitting properly?

Depends on whether I'll be seen in public!  I quickly check at least 270 degrees of my outfit if I'll be seen quite a bit.  If I spot a problem, I'll work with belting, tucking, buttoning, unbuttoning, a different cardigan or jacket shape, camisole, different undergarments, or distraction with accessories.  I will have a tailor tweak timeless pieces like wool slacks and pencil skirts.

Comfort is important to most moms, but we generally would like it if our "comfortable clothes" also look awesome! Did you find your We Love Colors tights to fit in the "comfort zone?"

Absolutely!  I -have- worn tights a lot in years past (pre-kids and finding flattering jeans), and I'm fussy about them.  The We Love Colors tights were soft and thick; I felt my lumps were controlled, yet I felt entirely comfortable, confident, and cozy.

What is your favorite color to wear? To decorate with?

I love to wear teal and other green-blues, but I often decorate with burgundies.  I plan to add more of it to my wardrobe -- like these maroon tights!

Why do you love these colors so much?
They are rich and exotic.  They go well with either gold or silver and all sorts of neutrals.  They flatter my skin tone, eyes, and hair, which sit between cool and warm.

Compared to tights that you have previously worn, what did you enjoy most about wearing a We Love Colors product (ie: durability, thickness, tag in the back)?
The tag in the back will be so handy!  Why don't more companies do this?  A tag tells me who made the tights I like best so I can purchase more; and it tells me in an instant which is the "back" side. I also appreciated the smooth, soft thickness, the opacity, the sturdy but comfortable toe seam, and the prospect of so many colors to choose from.

Thanks so much to our Two in Technicolor team and to Sarah of Cloud of Secrets!

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  1. Thanks so much for a chance to try the tights -- and do a fun photo shoot! I'm so glad to have a reliable and affordable resource for quality tights now.

  2. Thank you so much Sarah for the awesome review!! I knew you would love the tights...Ive never met anyone who didn't.....I absolutely LOVE the photo as well:)

  3. Sarah, you did a wonderful job wearing these tights! You look so classic and etherial. I'm glad you loved them!

  4. Thanks for your share! very impressive!



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