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Two in Technicolor is a team featuring two lovely bloggers and friends of We Love Colors...
Kimberly of Fashion Momma and Collette of Statements in Fashion!

Every other week Kimberly and Collette will feature a fellow blogger they've recruited to get the scoop on We Love Colors tights. Kimberly and Collette are both fashionistas AND mothers so we're so excited to send them out into the blogosphere with their unique perspectives!

We're super excited to introduce you to the ever so sweet Tara of Mix and Match Fashion! Tara is an adorable school teacher who has some of the most fabulous style we've ever seen. She works her magic with color mixing and isn't afraid to "go bold"! We're so thrilled that Tara agreed to try a pair of We Love Colors tights, she looks fantastic! Here's what Tara had to say about her We Love Colors Microfiber Tights Style# 1053 in Teal!

When you are getting ready for your day, does the idea of tights usually get you excited to get dressed?
            In the colder months, tights are essential when wearing a skirt or dress. However, I am one to stick with more neutral colors in tights (generally black, gray, or just plain nude hose).  When its freezing, I love sweater tights!  They keep me cozy all day long.  I also feel that tights help give me a better shape to the bottom portion of my body, which is always a good thing!

If not, what could make tights a more central accessory in your wardrobe?
            Tights are not always the most comfortable thing to wear, so comfort is key! Also, a lot of times the waist band of the tights doesn't stay put, so that can be annoying.  I also need to become more brave with wearing colored tights!

 We Love Colors has tights for women of all shapes and sizes: How important is fit when it comes to your clothing choices?

            Being petite, (I'm only 5-2), fit is extremely important.  I think it is most difficult to find pants, dresses, and skirts that are the proper length right off the rack. Alterations can get expensive, so I try as much as possible to only buy things that pretty much are the perfect length.

Do you just throw on what you have, or are you meticulous about everything fitting properly?
            Although I do have my lazy days, (don't we all?) I try as much as possible to only wear things that fit me properly.  I especially find this hard with bottoms as I'm constantly losing/gaining the same ten pounds (haha).  I usually will plan my outfits out the night before, and will try everything on to make sure it looks okay.

Comfort is important to most moms, but we generally would like it if our "comfortable clothes" also look awesome! Did you find your We Love Colors tights to fit in the "comfort zone?"            

I'm not a mom, but I am a teacher and am responsible for caring for kids all day long.  Honestly, these tights were some of the most comfortable that I have ever tried.  I found the waistband to be perfect.  It wasn't too tight and didn't create rolls, and it stayed put all day!

What is your favorite color to wear? To decorate with?

Now this is a tough question.  I absolutely love incorporating color into both my wardrobe and home decoration.  My favorite color to wear is probably turquoise, but I pretty much will wear any color.  As far as decorating, this question comes at an excellent time.  My husband and I just bought our first condo, and are so excited to decorate it.  I believe that the colors you choose in your home should reflect your personality and style.  My husband is into dark colors, such as grays and blacks.  I am the complete opposite.  So we are going with a mixture of both of us, and are doing grays, turquoise, teal, and orange.

Why do you love these colors so much?

I have always been attracted to the bright and colorful.  I think bold colors make a statement, and it is so much fun to work with them.  Looking at them makes me happy and brightens my mood.

Compared to tights that you have previously worn, what did you enjoy most about wearing a We Love Colors product (ie: durability, thickness, tag in the back)?
            Again, We Love Colors tights were some of the most comfortable I have ever worn.  I didn't have to keep pulling them up, and they were quite thick and didn't feel like they would run easily.  I also loved the fit of the waistband.

Thanks so much to our Two in Technicolor team and to Tara of Mix and Match Fashion


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  1. LOVED Tara's answers and it was great to see a teacher featured (rhyming for me! 2 points!). I don't think we consider how important comfort is for teachers, while also staying stylish and professional!

    Thanks for participating, Tara!

  2. Way to go Tara!! You look absolutely fabulous in
    these tights!! So happy you loved them, I do too:)

  3. Love this interview, but I do have a disagreement. I ordered a pair of the splash tights, and they had a run in them the 2nd time I wore them.
    They still are comfy as always, though! <3 <3

  4. Thanks so much for featuring me! I had so much fun participating!

  5. Summer - If you ordered the Nylon/Lycra Microfiber tights Style# 1053 they definitely shouldn't run after only 2 wears. If you contact with your order number they will be able to help you out :)

    And we agree...Tara looks fab!

  6. Great interview. We love colors should totally carry sweater tights!!


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