Little Miss Glitz Bahamas

Our friend Crayanna emailed us this adorable photo of contestants in the 2nd Annual Little Miss Glitz Bahamas Pageant! Crayanna wrote:
Thank you guys so much for the leotards and stockings. Everything turned out great! Attached is a group shot from the photoshoot! Great products, keep up the good work and it was a pleasure shopping a We Love Colors. I will definitely be coming back soon!
These little fairies are wearing We Love Colors Kids Tank Leotards and Kids Tights! The colors (clockwise from top) are neon pink, royal blue, yellow, neon green, violet, gold, white, neon blue, and light pink. Too cute!

Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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  1. This picture is hot! hot! hot! the colors are really nice....I'm getting ready to purchase a tank leotard from We Love Colors!!!!

  2. t'andra says
    go lashantay and angel


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