Homemade Halloween Costume ideas

Yep! Is that time of the year again, Halloween is just around the corner and getting creative is something we gotta do to get the best costumes.

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These are some easy and fun ideas you can do with a turtleneck leotard straight from Uncustomary's brain. She is brilliant. 

To become a rad unicorn couldn't be easier than this, Get a plastic unicorn head or make yourself a DIY unicorn horn, a turtleneck leotard and colorful tights. You can pick a solid color or get fancy with any of our splash colors.

Oh Little Mermaid! If you don't want to get too sexy, a light tan turtleneck leotard is the way to go.

For those who enjoyed the 80s and love the trolls, this costume is a must. You can wear again a light tan turtleneck leotard and matching color tights or go for a light tan unitard if you prefer a one-piece costume. 

Thank you Cristen for being such a great model. Follow her here.

Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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