Happy Popcorn Day!!

Did you know January 19th is Popcorn Day?! Unusual holidays are such a fun way to celebrate the smaller things in life, and we think this is a great one to observe!

Ways you could celebrate Popcorn Day

  • Go see a movie in the theater and get yourself a big tub of popcorn, with as much butter as you like!
  • Dress up in yellow and red, emulating a popcorn tin (our yellow tights are great for this!)
  • Research how red and yellow are colors that trigger hunger responses in our brain
  • String a popcorn garland together using a needle and thread
  • Make a guerrilla art installation, turning a trash can into a giant popcorn tin
  • Use yellow food dye to taint cotton balls for DIY crafts
  • Dye or paint real popcorn
  • Fill up a clear plastic glove with popcorn (and candy corn fingernails!)
  • Bake delicious popcorn snacks like popcorn balls or marshmallow popcorn
  • Host a movie night party
  • Splurge on a mini popcorn maker
  • Tell some corny jokes!

How will you celebrate today? Share in the comments!

Send Us your photos. Thank you so much! We Love Colors

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  1. I had no idea today was popcorn day


    1. I didnt know either! I like the yellow tights! How often do you wear tights?


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