25 Ways To Celebrate Spring

On March 20th, it turned Spring in the northern hemisphere! We're so excited for warm weather, blooming flowers, and longer amounts of sunlight each day. Are you ready to celebrate Spring? Here are 25 ways you can celebrate this season.

25 Ways To Celebrate Spring

1. Have a picnic
2. Fly a kite
3. Splash in puddles
4. Search for four leaf clovers
5. Wear a giant flower in your hair
6. Climb a tree
7. Draw a rainbow
8. Visit a farmer's market
9. Play with sidewalk chalk
10. Visit a botanical garden
11. Paint rocks
12. Celebrate Earth Day
13. Wear a candy necklace

14. Get a colorful, fancy umbrella
15. Play mini golf
16. Wear bunny ears
17. Dry flowers
18. Hang a windchime
19. Skip stones
20. Get a pastel colored pedicure
21. Wear a giant hat and even bigger sunglasses
22. Write a Spring-themed haiku
23. Pet a bunny
24. Do some guerrilla gardening in your city
25. Sketch some nature

What's on your Spring Bucket List this year?

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