40 Ways To Celebrate Fall

Fall is one of our favorite seasons. Watching the leaves change, dressing up in costumes, layering tights, boots, and scarves! There are so many fun activities to take part in and delicious seasonal treats to taste. If you're ready to celebrate Fall, here's a list of 40 ways you can get the party started!

Jump in a neatly organized pile of leaves 
Pick out a pumpkin (and gourd) at a farm 
Eat a caramel or candied apple 
Learn the Choreography to “Thriller” 
Watch "Hocus Pocus" 
Go on a scary hayride 
Walk through a haunted house 
Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters 
Go trick-or-treating 
Visit a cemetery 
Spot a V of migrating birds 
Get lost in a corn maize 
Take a walk through a park and try to catch falling leaves 
Dress up and go to a costume party 
Have a bonfire 
Perfect your Dracula accent 
Take pictures of the changing leaves 
Have a leaf catching contest 
Visit A Renaissance Fair 
Eat pumpkin and apple pies

Make a scarecrow 
Do a nature scavenger hunt 
Knit a scarf 
Watch Halloweentown 
Plant acorns 
Make cornhusk dolls 
Create leaf rubbings 
Dance to "The Monster Mash" 
Have a toilet paper mummifying race 
Get your face painted 
Make spiderwebs out of glitter 
Roast s’mores on a fire 
Have a photoshoot in a pumpkin patch or pile of leaves 
Knock on neighbors’ doors and give them candy 
Take a hike 
Attend Oktoberfest
 Put a bunch of superstitious things in your front yard like a giant number 13, black cat, ladder, pieces of a broken mirror 
Drink cider 
Wear a mask under your mask and wait for someone to ask you to take it off 
Make a snowman out of pumpkins
How will you celebrate Fall this year?

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