Halloween Costume Contest 2016

It’s back… What’s back? Well Halloween that is! It is officially that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, cool breezes whisper through the trees and doorsteps are lined with pumpkins. You are beginning to think about what fantastic costume you are going to make to wow your friends and family this year. Well, while you’re at it, why not think about entering into our annual Halloween Costume Contest. This year we have over $ 2000 in spooky awesome and scary fabulous prizes to give away simply by sharing your costume featuring We Love Colors products. We have separate categories for adults, as well as kids. This year we even have sponsor bonus prizes where our co-partners choose their own favorite costume. Back by popular demand we have our people’s choice awards categories as well.

So while you’re shopping down the aisle choosing fabric or a wig, keep We Love Colors in mind for your perfect Halloween needs.


For our 2016 Halloween Costume Contest we gathered some of the most fabulous US based companies we could find. This year we have over $ 2000 in prizes from 6 different partners. We have added partnership choices into the category so that they can also choose their favorite.

Our first major partner is KMK Designs, a mother-daughter studio out of St. Paul, MN with over 35 years of experiencing creating quality clothing that makes the wearer feel unique and confident. They believe that clothing should make you feel as beautiful as you are no matter what society’s standard is. They create outfits from gorgeous bridal gowns to everyday wear from fabrics we hand pick to be high quality, comfortable and elegant. Since 2008 KMK Designs has created alternative, Steampunk, Gothic and Neo-Victorian clothing and wedding dresses with care and great craftsmanship. They specialize in quality custom creations and catering people of all sizes and styles.

Our second major partner is I Kick Shins, who specialize in providing alternative hair extension supplies, with a strong focus on providing the widest range of colors possible. They were originally founded in 2001 as a small custom dread and braid hairpiece shop, and eventually transitioned into manufacturing and sourcing products with dread artists and extensionists in mind.  Can't find the perfect shade?  Neither could they!  They’re changing that, one funky new color at a time.

Our third major partner is Doctored Locks, who are the masters of hair extensions, installation supplies, education and inspiration. They offer high quality specialty extensions for demanding stylists and DIY'ers including braiding hair, dreadlocks, nano hair, prebond, weaving hair, installation tools and supplies, human and synthetic styles.

Our fourth major partner is Ruth Nore Designs, who offers handcrafted accessories and costume pieces in modern, vintage and nature inspired designs. Each piece is created with care, love and attention to detail. So you are sure to receive an item that you will love. Visit them on Etsy for a wide range of headdresses, flower crowns,  and headbands. As well as circlets, head chains and ear cuffs.

Our fifth major partner is Tandy Leather, who are a large growing company that focuses on the art leather craft. We have over 70 stores in the United States. The products that they have available are leather dyes, tools, kits and hides. Leather craft classes are held at their location on 7161 W Oakland park Blvd., Lauderhill, Florida. They teach leather craft to schools, camps and local customers. If you are interest please feel free to stop by!

Our sixth and final major partner is Sew Chill, an online childrens' brand with focus on style, price and comfort.  They offer girls clothing sizes 6-12m up to 10 yr and are very excited to offer a boys and mommy line coming this Fall 2016.  All pieces are designed by April P. Chilcoat, founder/owner, and all garments are proudly made in Dallas, Texas since September 2014.
"My kids are simple and love to play.  Sew Chill satisfies Moms (and Dads) want for stylish and comfortable boutique clothing without breaking the bank."  Sew Chill has an online community on Facebook where you can buy, sell and trade your pieces.

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